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Why Choose JXCFS

Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies (JXCFS) was founded in 1964 and is located in Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province. It is affiliated with the Jiangxi province department of commerce, and was co-constructed by the ministry of commerce and Jiangxi’s provincial Government. It is one of the first demonstrative polytechnic colleges and one of 4 PRC ministry of commerce designated “training bases for international business officials.” Shouldering the responsibility of aiding and training officials from developing countries, it is a college which specializes in nurturing professional talents and foreign languages.

JXCFS has established intercollegiate cooperation with more than 30 foreign universities (institutions). It has strong faculty with rich teaching experience and effective teaching methods to help foreigners learn Chinese and pass the HSK.


We have 11 foreign language majors, which is the most among colleges and universities in Jiangxi province。 We also boast a great number of multilingual Chinese teachers。

Our language majors include Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Korean, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and Persian.


We’re one of the 1st demonstrative polytechnic colleges authorized by the department of education of Jiangxi province to recruit international students.


We have 54 majors, covering areas of liberal arts, science, engineering, business, etc.


We attach great importance to innovation and student self-employment, and have more than 100 entrepreneurial teams for e-commerce and cross-border trade。

Beautiful Campus

We have combined features of eastern and western culture in the elegant interiors and exterior of the campus. It is the most beautiful campus in Jiangxi.

Why Choose JUFE

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE), founded in 1923, is a public university co-sponsored by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and the government of Jiangxi Province。

JUFE is a public university co-constructed and managed by the ministry of finance and Jiangxi people’s Government. It is primarily an economic and management science disciplines based university with additional subjects such as law, engineering, literature, science, agriculture, education, philosophy, history, etc. it has 58 undergraduate programs, 96 postgraduate programs, 33 doctoral programs and 28 postdoctoral programs. The university has accepted international students since 1996. It is a member of ISEP (International Students Exchange Programs), and the 1st member qualified for international student exchange in China’s mainland.


in undergraduate admission standards in Jiangxi Province


among all the business academic institutions in China


in the discipline of ECONOMICS nationwide

TOP 50

most beautiful universities nationwide


Welcome to Nanchang

Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi province. Located in central china, it is a city with a famous history. It is a unique city, representative of southern China’s culture, decorated by a long history, housing ancient relics, and accompanied by fantastic natural scenery such as beautiful mountains and waters. It has successfully created a special historic cultural resource. In the face of the world, the future and the course of modernization, Nanchang is dedicated to building a city with individuality and competence during the process of its development model - transforming from inland development to opening development and from consumption to industry. This injects great impetus into the ascent of the “hero city “- Nanchang.

Nanchang has a typical subtropical humid climate with mild weather and sufficient sunlight。 Summer and winter are relatively long, spring and autumn are short。


International Students Programs

Making full use of the language itself and the discipline advantage of JUFE, JXCFS sets "1+3" "0+4" and "2+2" bachelor's degree programs and summer camp programs (short-term training courses during July and August).

"1+3" program: this is for international students of basic Chinese level。 Students study Chinese language and culture courses and professional courses in JXCFS for one year。 After reaching HSK level 4, the students may go to JUFE to complete the sophomore to senior years of their undergraduate study, and receive their bachelor's degrees from JUFE。

"0+4" program: International students with high school diploma and certificate of HSK 4 are qualified for the enrollment to study at JUFE in a 4 year undergraduate program and receive a bachelor’s degree awarded by the university after the completion of the courses。

"2+2" program: international students who finish two years of professional courses in universities in their own countries can then go to JUFE and study related junior and senior courses。 The credits can be mutually recognized by these two schools, and the students can obtain a double bachelor's degree from these two schools。

Undergraduate Programs given in Chinese

Offered by School


School of Accountancy

 Financial Management


 Accounting (Focus on ACCA, some   courses are delivered in English)

Accounting (Focus on CPA, some courses are delivered in English)

International School

International Economy and Trade(Focus on International Business, some   courses are delivered in English)

Finance(Focus on International Finance, some courses are delivered in   English)

Accounting(Focus on International Accounting, some courses are   delivered in English)

School of Business and Administration

Business Administration


Human Research Management

Logistic Management

School of Finance & Taxation

Public Finance

Administrative Management

Public Administration

Labor and Social Security


School of International Trade

International Economy and Trade

Electronic Commerce

School of Economics

Economics(Focus on International Economy)

Economics(Focus on Quantitative Economics)

National Economic Management

School of Finance



School of Statistics


School of Information Management

Managerial Science

Information Management and Information System

Information and Computing Science

Computer Science and Technology

School of Software and Communication Engineering

Software Engineering

Network Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

Communication Engineering

Electronic Science and Technology

School of Humanity


Social Work


Journalism (focus on Broadcast and TV)

Chinese Literature


Cultural Industry Management

School of Art

Landscape Gardening

Industrial Design


Art Design (focus on Environmental art)

Art Design (focus on Digital Design)

Art Design (focus on visual communication)

Art Design (focus on Ad Design)

Design (focus on landscape)

School of Law


School of P。E

Social Physical Education

Physical Education Industrial Management

School of Foreign Language




I。 Study Period

Undergraduate programs given : 4 years

II. Qualification

1。 Non-Chinese citizen in good health;

2. Senior High School Diploma with excellent performance;

3.Language requirementChinese New HSK level 4 (or above)

III. Application Materials

1. Application Form;

2. Personal Statement;

3. Study Plan;

4. Two Recommendation Letters;

5。 One photocopy of your valid ordinary passport;

6。 One photocopy of your senior high school diploma and one original academic record;

7. Photocopies of notarized diploma and academic records in English from your country (if original ones are not in English);

8。 Photocopy of your HSK certificate;

9. Other materials that can increase your chance of admission.

IV. Application Period

Autumn Semester: from March 1st to May 15th

V。 Application Procedures

1。 Application materials and registration fee should be submitted to Overseas Education Center (OEC) of JUFE before the application deadline。 Applicants can do so by post directly to our office, as well as by email to OEC。

2. Admission notice and visa application form (JW201 or JW202) for studying in China will be sent to the accepted applicants.

3。 Applicants must go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their home country with Admission notice and visa application form to apply for a student visa。

4. Students must register at the OEC of JUFE on time in accordance with the detailed requirements in the Admission notice.


Non-degree program

Short-term Chinese language program


Short-term Chinese language program (during July and August):

1。    Requirements for recruits

Foreign citizens, 18 years old or above, High school graduate or above.

2.    Course arrangements

Classes open from Monday to Friday, 20 classes a week, 4 weeks in total.

3。    Curriculum and activities arrangements

Language courses: Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese reading, Chinese listening, Oral Chinese.

Extracurricular activities: Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, and Chinese martial arts, etc.

Culture study: during international students’ stay in our college, we will arrange 2 local provincial culture study activities to enrich international students’ learning and living experiences.


I。 Study Period4 weeks

II. Qualification

  Exchange students: from JXCFS cooperative universities

  Self-funded students: Non-Chinese citizen with good health

III。 Application Materials

1。 Application Form;

2. Personal Statement;

3. Recommendation Letter;

4. One photocopy of your valid ordinary passport;

5. One photocopy of your highest diploma and one original academic record;

IV. Application Procedures

1. Application materials and registration fee should be submitted to Foreign Affairs Office (FAO) of JXCFS before the application deadline. Applicants can do so by post directly to our office as well as email to FAO.

2. Admission notice and the visa application form (JW201 or JW202) for studying in China will be sent to the accepted applicants.

3. Applicants must go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their home country with Admission notice and the form of visa application for study in China to apply for a student visa.

4. Students must register at the FAO of JXCFS on time in accordance with the detailed requirements in the Admission notice.

V。 Application Period

Apply Deadline: May 15th


Tuition and Fees (RMB)

Undergraduate Programs

Application Fee:  ¥500

Tuition Fee (for an academic year): ¥16000

Accommodation Fee (for a month): ¥500/apartment

Electricity: ¥0.62/KW  ¥200/month(estimated)

Insurance Premiums: ¥800/year

Textbooks: ¥300 for one semester


Short-term Chinese languages programs

Tuition Fee: ¥1200

Accommodation Fee¥500


Other Charges

  1. Food: ¥800/month. Different canteens are available, but depend on the consumption level of different students.

  2. Transport¥2 for bus and ¥3-6 for Subway.

  3. Medical treatment: paid for by the students, as requested by the government.



I. Chinese Government Scholarships

The applicant shall apply to the local international students’ education department。 For detailed information please check the website of the China Scholarship Council:

II. Jiangxi Provincial Scholarship

CNY 20,000/ year for outstanding bachelor’s degree program.


III. JUFE Scholarship

This is to sponsor excellent undergraduate international students。

The 1st Prize: 14000 RMB/year

The 2nd Prize: 7000 RMB/year

The 3rd Prize: 3500 RMB/year


  1. Low cost, beautiful campus, good conditions for study and living.

  2. Small classes with no more than 20 students, each foreign student has a Chinese partner offering help in study and life。

  3. Well qualified multilingual teachers。 (Master’s or Doctor’s degree)

  4. Students have access to get internship opportunities through JXCFS.

  5. Interesting local tourist sites such as Jingdezhen Porcelain City, the Wuyuan Ancient Village, Lushan Mountains, the Tengwang Pavilion and many others.

Life in School

International students’ Apartment

Two students share one apartment with a dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom, while each one gets a separate bedroom. Apartments are equipped with basic kitchen utensils and bathroom facilities, 24-hour hot water, TV, air conditioning, and network.

■ Sports Facilities


■ Library


■ Canteen

Contact Us

Address: Foreign Affairs Office·Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies, No。291 Tianxiang Avenue, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, P。R。China

Post Code: 330099

TEL: +86-791-88353969

Email: josephiswho@163。com

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