“Chinese Language Culture” Training Course Enrollment Prospectus for foreign Students

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Located near the bank of Yaohu lake, Nanchang city, Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies has a garden campus featuring “combined Chinese-western culture and modern elegance” with beautiful scenery and an exquisite environment. The college was founded in 1964 and specializes in nurturing professional talents in foreign languages and foreign trade. It was among the first demonstrative higher vocational colleges of Jiangxi province as well as the first higher vocational college recruiting foreign students.

Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies attaches great importance to international exchange throughout its establishment and has been constantly communicating and cooperating with foreign counterparts; it has signed Interscholastic Collaboration agreements with more than 30 colleges in 20 countries.

Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies is now officially opening the “Chinese language culture” training course for foreign students。 Through Chinese language knowledge and culture classes and engaging in cultural study activities within the province, the foreign students will be able to conduct daily conversations in simple Chinese。 This will enable them to strengthen their Chinese language and cultural abilities, providing foreign students with precious opportunities to understand Chinese culture and to experience modern Chinese life。

     Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies welcomes foreign students from all over the world to study and communicate here。

  1. Requirements for recruits

    Foreign citizens, 18 years old or above, High school graduate or above.

  2. Course arrangements

    Classes open from Monday to Friday, 26 classes a week, 4 weeks in total.

    Please arrive at Nanchang 2 days ahead.

  3. Curriculum and activities arrangements

    Language courses: Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese reading, Chinese listening, Oral Chinese.

    Extracurricular activities: Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, and Chinese martial arts.

    Culture study: during foreign students’ stay in our college, we will arrange 2 local provincial culture study activities to enrich foreign students’ learning and living experiences.

  4. Educational characteristics and advantages

    a。 We pair Chinese college students with foreign students as mutual language-assisting friends so that they can better understand each other and improve their abilities in foreign exchange。

    b. We open courses with traditional Chinese characteristics such as Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, martial arts etc.as foreign students are interested in such courses.

    c. We organize cultural study activities so that students can learn the Chinese language naturally while experiencing the charm, beautiful natural scenery, and exquisite historic resorts of Jiangxi province.

  5. Accommodation arrangement

    Two students share one apartment with a dining hall, a kitchen and a bathroom, while each one gets a separate bedroom. Apartments are equipped with basic kitchen utensils and bathroom facilities, 24-hour hot water, TV, air conditioning, and network.

    College hotel (double room, including breakfast)

  6. Students tuition (RMB-denominated)

    a。 The international student tuition fee is 1200 yuan (intercollegiate exchange students free tuition)

    b. Insurance premium: 50 yuan

    c. Accommodation: 500 yuan

    d。 Other expenses must be paid by students

  7. Payment method

    All fees are paid in RMB, and it can be paid in cash when arriving at the school.

  8. Admission process

    a. Applicants fill out the "Foreign Student Admission Application Form of Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies";

    b。 Students send an email to makoto000@163.com including the scans of their application form, degree certificate, learning proof, transcript, and valid passport;

    c. After receiving the applicant’s files, Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies will deal with the JW202 form for applicants;

    d. The college will mail the JW202 form, letter of admission and invitation letter to the applicant;

    e。 Applicants may apply for the X1 or X2 visa in their local Chinese embassy with the JW202 form, letter of admission, original passport (passport expires at least six months away and a blank page), invitation letter and other relevant materials;

    f. After obtaining the visa, applicants should tell the college their exact time of arrival;

    g。 Applicants need to complete the payment and registration entrance procedures after arriving at the college;

    h. The colleges will deal with the temporary residence permit and other relevant legal procedures for the applicants within 48 hours of arriving at Nanchang.

  9. Graduation

    The students may be awarded a certificate by Jiangxi College of Foreign Studies after completing the study plan and examination。

  10. Contact

    Zip code: 330099

    Address: No。 291 Tianxiang Avenue, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, P。R。China

    Email: josephiswho@163.com

    Telephone: 0086-791-88353969/88342312

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